Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vivacious Vest

I found myself once again scrambling to get photos in the fading light. I really wanted to show this vest in action. I think it will be great when spring and summer roll around, adding a bit of whimsy and interest with out much fuss. While there was a lot of sun out today there was still a chill in the air so I went with my so-comfy-it-should-be-illegal maxi skirt.

skirt: brandy & melville, vest: vintage via savers

I'd just had a post work shower so I'm sans make up. I've parred back my make up routine since Italy, after keeping to a bare minimum because of the heat it just seems like so much bother to worry with more than some BB cream, a smudge of eyeliner and some mascara. Plus it always feels nice to be that bit more comfortable in your own skin.




Alice xx

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  1. I love not having to wear makeup abroad. In Scotland, there isn't so much sunshine! x


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