Saturday, August 4, 2012

Savers Gold

So like I said the other day, I had a mega Savers win. I haven't been quite excited about a haul in ages. Actually that's a lie, it's on par with my epic book hall. Reece and I visited a different store to the one we usually frequent and we were really impressed. It was two stories, leaving almost the entire lower level for just women's wear. It wasn't picked clean of nice pieces as you sometimes find in other stores and most of the prices were spot on. Maybe I was just having a good day, but I'll definitely try to get back there the next chance I get.

I took home two pairs of shoes, a cardigan, a blouse and a vest. You can see the sun setting in the photos as I desperately tried to snap pictures with natural light. By the time I remembered I wanted to take pictures the light had already begun to fade.


I love hot air balloons, I nearly died when I spotted this vest.





I couldn't leave these behind, it was a sign for sure.

Alice xx

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  1. Love a good thrifting day! It's funny how one day can be so disappointing but the next can be like a shopping spree. I especially want the sweater and those black shoes.


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