Friday, February 26, 2010

i have decided the best song for when you are walk down the street on a sunny day, maybe a juice in hand and your favourite sunnies on is She's a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones. the whole song is just so uplifting and it brightens up an already bright day.
soundwave yesterday was great. it was really well run and had a great line up. i was also at the isis gig at the Corner Hotel on the thursday night. dinner beforehand on the rooftop beer garden was fantastic and the gig itself was amazing.
music gigs and festivals are the best place to people watch. i saw some amazing fashion and people who are not afraid to dress exactly how they want. i love my official soundwave shirt, keeping with the eqyptian theme it has an egyptian queen/goddess and a cat. also found the best ever festival food, vegan dumplings with a side of jasmine rice, asian salad and a yummy sauce, delicious. all in all a great day

Monday, February 15, 2010

the other day i bought a framed photo from one the local op shops for the bargain price of $10. it is wider than a poster but not as long, is black and white and features an embracing couple on an old bridge surrounded by doves. would take a photo but am writing this at my boyfriends whilst he attends to the other love of his life, his car.
the photo will look perfect amongst my audrey hepburn cards, just need to enlist the help of my dad to erect it.
i am now in savings overdrive after i booked my holiday to europe and realised how much money i really need. i have pledged to buy only op shop clothes (excluding underwear of course) and no more impulse buys (ie: massive black and white photos). this shouldn't be too hard given how excited i am about my trip!!
also very excited about soundwave and hopefully seeing isis aswell, depending on my work roster for next week. i have my outfit planned and am v. psyched.
the sound of the hose has faded so i assume the boy has finished feeding his obsession. must go distract him while i can.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The fallen holiday

i hate to admit it, but i love valentines day.
this is a statement that i am almost ashamed to announce after several discussions over the past few day. it seems the appeal of the global day of romance is now largely regarded as commercial and silly.
the main statement i come up against is "it doesn't have to be valentines day for me to tell them i love them". granted, fair point. but in a world of global terror and hatred, is it so wrong to have a day that centres around love and harmony?
"it's so commercial" is another commonly heard statement. this i understand, but the sad fact is we live in a commercial world where everything from religous holidays to the souls of young children are exploited to make the rich richer. the best way to fight it is to celebrate a day for it's true meaning.
so forgive me if i fall victim to the desire for a simple bunch of flowers i wouldn't see any other day and an extra big hug from my boy. i've been a hopeless romantic since i was five and i don't thing that's going to change any time soon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Delighted, I'm sure

i am newly 18 and on the brink of life. i live in what is probably the bogan capital of victoria, a haven for the kieths and shazzas of melbourne. as i currently work full time at a depressingly popular fast food out i interact with these charming examples of the human race nearly every day. i thouroughly believe that i was born in the wrong era, alas i will have to make do with today.
my list of things i adore includes: fashion, op shops, audrey hepburn, sailing, antiques, sunny days, stormy afternoons, good books, bad television, great movies, dancing, laughing, singing, eating, cooking, kissing, embracing, sneezing, trains, old cars, chai tea, fetta cheese, big dogs, fluffy cats, soft beds, beaches(the movie and the real thing), photos, sisters, friends, strangers, conversations, opportunity, old bicycles, old buildings, the city, the country, travel, learning, growing, living
my list of things I loathe includes: politicians, spiders, hot nights, litter, bad grammer, tortologies, rude customers, overly polite customers, racism, sexism, poverty, fakeness, small mindedness, pain, globalisation, new cars, waste, war, fighting, staying still, conformity, wannabes, small mindedness
well, so far it's been fun