Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Belle Italia

Nearly a week in belle Italia! I'm reaching that stage where it feels quite natural to wander through century old streets, the Duomo peeking out above rooftops, Italians jetting around on their scooters and a cup of incredible gelato in hand.



I've actually done very little shopping since I've been here - turns out they actually like you to study your studying abroad, go figure. However we did find an adorable Italian designed and made boutique where I found this dress. Lace and stripe print? Why thank you. I wore it to a dinner with a local Italian family where we ate amazing food and talked everything from sport to politics to natural disaster. Bliss.

If I look a little deflated, it's the heat. It's baking here.

dress: subdued, blazer: local boutique, sandals: rivers



Alice xx

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Italy Immersion

Ciao! Today is my forth day in Italy. I rose fairly early and checked out of my hostel, intending to check in with our host university and gain access to our apartment straight away. The hostel clerk indicated a bus that stopped near the university offices. Unfortunately I misjudged the stops and ended up riding the line right back around!




In the end I made it to the office, filled out some forms and along with some other girls I was directed to our inner city apartments. We are on the third floor and it is adorable. Though I don't look forward to trekking up those steps after a couple of vino. After settling in we wandered around the corner to find a Sunday market! Italian vintage and second hand goodies? To say I was in heaven would be an understatement. I walked away with a cute straw hat, it is ridiculously hot in these parts and I was in need of a little sun protection.





Later on we have a little bit of a tour and a welcome dinner before we begin classes and excursions and such tomorrow. I've done a little shopping and I hope to get an outfit post up soon!

Alice xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here Goes

And I have arrived. After a long sequence of flights and loitering around airports with poor internet access I have made it to Florence. It's been a surreal few days. With the relatively short notice we were given I don't think I had wrapped my mind around the idea of going. Next thing I knew I was kissing Reece goodbye at the airport and embarking on a some-what solo overseas adventure for the second time in two years. 

I'm yet to check into the hostel I'm staying at before student accommodation opens in a few days. However I have had time to walk around a reorientate myself with the city. Here are a few snaps.




Alice xx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flying Out

Early tomorrow morning I will be on board my flight to Italy. Hopefully I will be able to find the time to blog whilst I'm away, though there will be a short hiatus until my feet are on Italian soil and I have time to snap some photos. Wish me luck!

photos I took in Florence circa 2010


Alice xx

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Full On

This is what I wore for a fairly full on day. I had my last exam for this semester, the pre-departure session for Italy and baby sat my little cousins with Reece. And my hairs a bit all over the place because I was about to get it cut. And I had the beginnings of what is now a horrendous cold. But hey, I start packing to go to Italy tomorrow, flying out Tuesday morning!

cardigan: target, dress: op shop, blouse: op shop, 
belt: local boutique, shoes: asos, socks: my mum :)





Alice xx

Monday, June 11, 2012

Floral Explosion

I didn't realise this top was creeping up to show so much stomach! Today was my ideal sort of weather, nice and sunny, but still with crisp, cool air. These flowers (I'm not very botanical so I'm not sure if they're just roses?) were looking gorgeous and matched my floral explosion of an outfit. Using them as a backdrop just made sense.

top: savers, blazer: maddison square via local boutique, jeans: asos, 
shoes: asos, necklace: modcloth, sunnies; bill bass




After taking photos I snipped off some flowers to put in our lounge. They're massive blooms so I only needed a few for a big arrangement.


Alice xx

P.S. Only a week today until I fly out!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lace Like

This is another top I bought online in preparation for Italy. I adore the lace like detail and scalloped edges.

I have my last couple of shifts at work this weekend as well as heading to an apocalypse themed 21st party, then it's just studying for my last exam and getting everything ready to head off!

top: lucy in the sky, jeans: Levi's, cardigan: savers, shoes: asos, necklace: modcloth



Alice xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tutu Fever

Happy hump day! I am one exam down and eager wash my hands of the remaining two. 

I ordered this skirt along with two tops for Italy. I'm quite lacking in summery separates to mix and match whilst I'm away. It turned out to be a lot more tutu-ish then I expected but I think I love it more for it. I couldn't help but do some twirls and kicks while taking photos. I do miss my dancing days, my flexibility has all but vanished.

top: Zara, skirt: Mika & Gala via Lucy in the Sky, coat: dangefield,
tights & shoes: asos, beret: vintage via op shop






Alice xx

Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Wish

So I turn 21 this year, the day after Christmas. Surely that gives my family and friends enough time to accumulate enough funds to gift me with this bracelet from Miu Miu's new cameo collection? Beautiful, classic, timeless but a little quirky. I love it.



Alice xx

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pants Parade

I'm wearing pants more and more lately. Especially these jeans, I just feel their flattering on my shape and it's easier to come up with different combinations rather than swapping between coloured tights with a dress.

top: sportscraft via op shop, jeans: levis, belt: off a dress, shoes: op shop



As I'm saving for Italy I'm struggling with my winter wardrobe. I just have to close my eyes and think of sunny skies and H&M whilst wearing variations of the same four outfits.

Alice xx