Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stall sensations

today i attended the weekly sunday market a few towns away and delighted in the number of crap stalls. a mixture of genuine antiques, broken toys and well read books several decades ago. there's a certain amount of mystery surrounging everything - is it really an antique or just a good fake? after borrowing some money from the boyfriend i secured myself a gorgeous jewellry box. it has some genuine and some newer parts, but for $20 i was more than happy.
my sister and i also sampled a raspberry cupcake that looked to pretty to eat and the boyfriend found a metal ford sign and a car magazine to add to his collection
this week also saw me but my first pair of jeans in a year, up until now i have been clad in skirts or tights. i found a high waisted pair for $4 at my local op shop which fit like a glove as well as a hideously gorgeous scarf for $2 to start my winter wardrobe

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creative cups

a recent training session at work inspired me to delve into the world of latte art. people can create the most amazing images on something as basic and everyday as a cup of coffee. i'm mainly a tea or chai person myself but am slowly developing an appreciation of coffee through work.
my coffee buddy has recently gone on holidays for an unknown period of time. being my day off i now find myself searching for a fill in as i crave a good drink and a chat. food and drink (not necessarily alcoholic) are great fuel for good conversation and human connection.