Sunday, July 8, 2012

Venice in Vintage

On Saturday a few of us headed off to Venice for a day trip. We opted for a bus tour, which in hindsight wasn't the best decision we've ever made. But Venice is an epically beautiful city and it's hard to stay disgruntled, even if you arrive an hour later than expected, the promised gondola ride only lasts 5 minutes and the sleazy assistant tour guide spends the whole time chatting up the American girls.

the bridge of sighs in the distance

I wore a dress I bought at the vintage fair, it's too fun a colour for it's own good. I hadn't intended on buying anything while we were there, but I stumbled upon a hand painted mask and a pair of glass earrings I just couldn't leave behind. 

dress: vintage via fair, sandals: rivers, bag: fashion police tote via the iconic




All photos of me are thanks to my housemate for the trip, Mim


Alice xx

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