Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moral Musings


As I've mentioned before, I tend to avoid wordier post because I fear sounding preachy or contrived - something that turns me right off when reading other blogs. But here goes.

I tend to think of myself as someone with a strong set of personal morals. I'm a vegetarian, I have a sponsor child, I studying nursing, you catch my drift. In the wake of Italy and the sort of soul searching that comes part and parcel with over seas travel, I've decided I need to try and apply these morals more broadly in my day to day life.

One aspect which seems glaringly obvious to me is my choices as a consumer, namely of clothes. I avoid leather as a vegetarian but an aspect I'm not always strict with is where the clothing is being made. I always try to shy away from clothing made in China, but I have been known to cave for an especially cute jacket or dress. I feel it's time to put my foot down. I wouldn't cave in for a steak just because it has a really nice sauce.

And so I have made somewhat of a pledge to myself to only buy sweatshop free clothing so to speak. I feel products made in the country of the brand ought to be sound, such as American Apparel. And of course vintage or op shopped clothes are free game. It may mean paying a little more and buying a little less, but I don't think that's a terrible thing. It's a small step towards living a more ethically sound life. When I am financially sound and in my own home I hope to shop organic and have my own chickens, but for now I can be critical in my choices as a consumer. After all, how you spend your money dictates the kind of world we live in.

If you've held on this long, thank you. I'd love to hear of any great local brands or how you try to live a more eco friendly life.

Alice xx

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