Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friendly Fashion

I must confess to a little bit of panic setting in as a result of my recent pledge to shop more ethically. I saw my days of carelessly throwing things in my shopping cart - be it a physical or online one - floating out of reach. However I've been scouring the internet for some more eco friendly choices and I've been pleasantly surprised.

I discovered that Australian brand Bardot are registered with Ethical Clothing Australia. Meaning their products are made in Australia under good conditions and for fair pay. The same can be said for Cue. For a full list of brands see here.


I was also excited to discover that my beloved first stop for online fashion asos have an ethical conscience as well. As well as being dedicated to ethical and sustainable fashion, asos offer the green room, which features ethically conscience brands including their own asos Africa.

So I'm off to buy some friendly fashion, with out my bank account hating me!

Alice xx

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