Saturday, May 12, 2012


If you follow me on twitter you'd be aware that yesterday (Saturday) I attended the inaugural fashion blogger event of Australia, Fashionopolis. It was both daunting and exciting, as some one who is typically more on the introverted side, to enter a room full of amazingly dressed women (and a few men) and try to network. Not having business cards made was one of my biggest regrets. I had nothing to fear though as everyone was incredibly open and friendly and I made many new connections and friends. I was able to meet and chat to some bloggers I've always admired including Phoebe from Lady Melbourne (who pioneered the event), Fashion Hayley and Mary Anne from Esme and the Laneway.

The whole event was incredibly well run. The venue and settings were gorgeous and the talks and fashion panel were interesting and informative. It was impossible not to come away feeling excited and inspired. 

My other regret was not taking enough photos, but theres always next year.





Alice xx


  1. great photos! it was such a fun day! wish we got a chance to meet, but maybe next time :)

  2. Such a great day! I will be sure to say HI next time.



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