Saturday, April 28, 2012

Savers Score

Yesterday I headed to Savers, "the recycle superstore" and I could have spent a lot of money. Savers can be a cruel mistress. One day you'll find the racks bare of any quality stock, another day you can hit the motherload but find the prices are way off. Yesterday I found a lot of things I would happily take home, but I really had to be stern with myself. 'If I bought this it would sit in my sewing pile for a year', 'That material really is to worn down', 'I really don't have the space for cute kitchenware'. In the end I came away with just two dresses and a belt.

I couldn't resist the crushed velvet, this a strong contender for my fashionopolis outfit.

I need a bit more studdage (yes I made that up) in my life.

In real life this is a navy blue, I love a classic gold buckle.

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Alice xx

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