Friday, April 27, 2012

150th Post Give Away! (closed)

Welcome, one and all, to my 150th post. It's not a big deal, but a huge one at the same time. Blogging is really exciting for me at the moment. I now have an amazing design with buttons and everything thanks to Kaelah, I'm attending my first blogging conference in just two weeks and I'm getting a lot of views (compared to when I first started blogging at least).

And so to celebrate these milestones and tick off another box on my blogging goals list I am having my first ever giveaway. There were no sponsors involved, this is just a gift from me to my readers. The other day after uni I popped into a favourite store of mine and picked up a couple of sweet things I'd buy for myself (and probably will go back and do so) which I hope you'll like too.




So to win this cute pencil case and sweet bird earrings you can either follow on blogger or bloglovin, or like on facebook (or both!) and leave me a comment letting me know you've done so. I'll randomly pick a winner. I'm away next weekend so you'll have an extra couple of days until the 7th of May to enter. Good Luck!

Alice xx


  1. done! you have lovely style, and a good eye for op shopping! love it :)

  2. congratualtions you have a lovely blog going here :)


  3. Hello Alice! I'm a new reader, I spotted you on her library adventures and i'm now following you too. Looking forward to more posts, Louise X

  4. I just started to follow your blog, it's lovely! :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway- I'm a sucker for retro camera prints!

  5. very nice blog big sis ! I'll follow you when I know how :P I want the pencil case ! :)
    From mook :) <3

  6. Hi! Very cute blog, congratulations on hosting your first giveaway!
    -Audra's Ally

  7. I'm now following you on Bloglovin! :) Adorable blog, so glad I found it!

  8. Your blog design is so cute! Kaelah is so talented! I have been wanting her to do mine, but I'm forcing myself to learn html on my own. I am also entering your contest and am following you via Blogger! -Jessica


  9. I publicly follow you via GFC!
    Thanks for the sweet giveaway(:

    I'd love it if you checked out my blog!
    Follow if you like everything(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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