Saturday, April 21, 2012

Out of the bag

I've been working evenings over the weekend, which I don't find conducive to blogging. I'm so tired I sleep in, then I don't have the motivation to put on anything more exciting than tights and a jumper. Though the weekend is nearly over, and I'm quite proud of myself for getting a big chunk of uni assignments done. Just two weeks now until mine and Reece's weekend escape!

So any hoot, I though I'd have a go at a 'what do I lug around in my bag' post. I always find them interesting on other blogs.

My bag is nothing special, a nice middle-market range. The scarf is one I found at an op shop. I'm very weary of bags as I seem to break them often, usually because I lug around lots of uni gear.

Residing inside we have:
- My Frankie diary
- Fruity mints
- Muesli bar (left over from uni)
- Lip balm and lip stick
- Mirror
- Reading glasses and sun glasses
- Forever new purse 
- Iphone and head phones

I also use this bag for uni so you'll often find pens, highlighters, notebooks, my laptop and a book to read on the train.

Alice xx

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  1. I adore your bag, wallet, and 2012 Planner!

    Just started following(:
    Hope you pop by and say hi!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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