Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pants Parade

I'm wearing pants more and more lately. Especially these jeans, I just feel their flattering on my shape and it's easier to come up with different combinations rather than swapping between coloured tights with a dress.

top: sportscraft via op shop, jeans: levis, belt: off a dress, shoes: op shop



As I'm saving for Italy I'm struggling with my winter wardrobe. I just have to close my eyes and think of sunny skies and H&M whilst wearing variations of the same four outfits.

Alice xx


  1. You're a very sensible young lady. Off to Italy!!! I'd like a pair of those jeans. Levis, you say? What style no. are they, do you know? They're very flattering.

  2. They're actually Levi's 'jegging'. You wouldn't think to look at them.

  3. Love your shoes and your style. And your name obviously haha. :-) Glad I came across your blog.


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