Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Belle Italia

Nearly a week in belle Italia! I'm reaching that stage where it feels quite natural to wander through century old streets, the Duomo peeking out above rooftops, Italians jetting around on their scooters and a cup of incredible gelato in hand.



I've actually done very little shopping since I've been here - turns out they actually like you to study your studying abroad, go figure. However we did find an adorable Italian designed and made boutique where I found this dress. Lace and stripe print? Why thank you. I wore it to a dinner with a local Italian family where we ate amazing food and talked everything from sport to politics to natural disaster. Bliss.

If I look a little deflated, it's the heat. It's baking here.

dress: subdued, blazer: local boutique, sandals: rivers



Alice xx

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  1. I love that feeling- when you become used to being abroad and you can just wander about. Cute dress x


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