Sunday, February 26, 2012

Defining me

As I headed back to uni last week, I began to have a bit of a style crisis. For a while I'd been happy wearing whatever genre I pleased, but lately I've begun to feel I desperately need a style.

Happily, this was all remedied by a round of the local op shops where I found a number of pieces that just screamed me. Among them was this little black skirt and sparkly striped cardigan with shoulder pads. As I tried on these and a couple of other pieces it came together for me. Quirky, bold patterns, occasional vintage piece, feminine.

Though I know my personal style will always be evolving, I feel that these elements will remain a solid foundation.

top: old dress up, skirt: vintage via op shop,
cardigan: vintage via op shop, brooch: vintage via op shop




My course load for uni this semester is quite heavy, though hugely interesting. I'm off to re-immerse myself in health care ethics and caring for children.

wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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