Saturday, October 22, 2011

Classic cars

The Boy adores old cars and motorbikes and I have an ever growing appreciation for them. So last night we found ourselves at the motorclassica at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The building itself is amazing, fill it with beautifully restored cars and we were both in vintage heaven.
We visit many car events throughout the year but this one was a little different. There was less of a hot rod culture and more of a simple appreciation for gorgeous old cars restored to their formal glory. Also, for a change, I felt like one of the more dressed up people at a car event.
Many vehicles were up for auction. Sadly I do not have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to spend on old cars. A girl can dream though..

one day it will be mine

who could resist a matching helmet?!

I'll have one of those...

the condition of some of the really old vehicles was amazing

colour coordinated interior anyone?

this was the only real store, which it more than made up for with it's awesomeness

Afterwards we had dinner at a local bar which boasts great interior and atmosphere, yummy fresh food, tasty wine and a wide range of beers and ales. What else do you need?

Well, a sexy man friend helps :)

wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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  1. oh gosh, vintage vespa's. i wanted one three years ago, but my parents wouldn't let me because they said those thing are always broken. and then i just got a new one. but a really cool light blue colored one.


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