Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Overall Effect

Hurray for sun! Too bad I was at placement for most of it, though I did celebrate by pulling out my overall-shorts. I've had these babies for many a season, for a cheap Target pair they've really gone the distance. I actually wore them when the Boy and I had our first semi-date and he confessed he liked me. Ah, awkward 16 year old love.
You also get a peek at one of my favourite parts of our space (I say space as it's only a bedroom and small lounge) the desk! It's quite a huge
desk, which is handy for me as I can fit lecture notes, a text book and my laptop comfortably. I may have to do a full blown room post, or series of posts soon.
Reece gets a bit cheeky when he plays paparazzo, hence the last photo - I thought he'd flicked it to filming as he often does. Cheeky monkey.




overalls: Target, top: River Island (London)

wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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  1. Nawww @ 16 year old love! Cute outfit, loving the overalls/playsuit!


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