Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lone Star

As a result of shift work, more often then not my weekend occurs across a few weekdays. While it is nice to sleep in while others are moaning about early starts it does have a number of downfalls. Such as having no one to go on adventures and lunch dates with. While I'm usually content to potter around the house cleaning or watching bad daytime TV, the presence of a number of builders constructing a deck at the moment takes away some of the tranquility. Today I spent a few hours wandering around op shops and bought my self lunch from my favourite local cafe.

adorable brooch for only $1!

more sparkly tops for only $2 each

yummy greek focaccia

not a great angle, but I was hiding from the builders
skirt: cotton on, top: Target, belt: huntergatherer,
necklace and brooch: op shop, cardigan: living doll

wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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