Saturday, November 5, 2011

dark child

So when I was a pre teen I used to read a lot of fantasy books. I was adamant that I had some latent magical powers and considered myself Wiccan for a while (yes, I was quite an odd child). Hence I'd always imagined I'd be a little Goth at some point. This never eventuated but in this dress I feel I'm letting out my darker side. I love the pattern on this scarf as well. Both were purchased on Friday when I took my bestie from Tasmania on a tour of the delights of Melbourne shopping.

It has been sweltering this weekend. Unfortunate as I had to work throughout and knocked off today as rain was about ready to hit. I decided to let my pores have a breather with the hot weather and stuck with just a little eye makeup. The insecure side of me hates the way this shows up in photos.


dress: friends of couture, scarf: friends of couture, flats: target


wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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  1. I like your scarf and the way you have it combined with the dress..
    I'm following you through Bloglovin, return love back?
    Happy Sunday :)


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