Sunday, August 8, 2010

nearly spring cleaning

today was another late winter sunny day. to celebrate i decided to some early spring cleaning and was quite impressed with myself and the dent i made in the foot long list of housework that needed doing.
to keep me cheery whilst cleaning i wore my new dress from retrostar.


it is incredibly pretty and makes me very excited for summer even though we still haven't reached spring yet. i hope to grow my collection of these types of dresses.
i also hung me new audrey hepburn print and finished the third percy jackson book. beware before you begin reading the series as they are - dare i say it - nearly as addictive as harry potter.

wishiweraudrey xoxo

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  1. I wish I could lend you some of our summer so you can enjoy wearing your lovely dress, and we could possibly cool off a bit! lol


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