Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more rain

alas the wet weather continues and as the rain worsens so does my sniffly nose. the boy and i are fond of exchanging colds and mutating them for each others benifit. i was eager to wander down the street and do some op shopping and maybe pick up the next percy jackson book but the incliment weather caused me to run screaming under a blanket. mm snuggly. i am now thinking i may do some baking.


the great thing about this dress is that i keep discovering new tops i can wear beneath it. whilst this doesn't quite create a new outfit it does stop me from looking too lazy by wearing the same out fit too often. you can't quite see in the picture but i love the shoulders on this top. i really like the scrunched shoulder thing alot of labels are favouring at the moment. plus this one came from target and hence was only $18, a good staple me thinks.
top - target, dress - op shop, beret - op shop, stocking - from mother dear
i seem to be in a rambling mood today so i must stop myself.
wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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