Friday, July 9, 2010

mumble mumble

apologies once again for the lack of posts and the lack of photos, my computer is currently disagreeing with photobucket. i have tried to post some photos in the past few days and wound up nearly hurling my beloved laptop against the wall.
my new beret arrived yesterday much to my excitment. it is slightly small for my engorged head but is still gorgeous and i can't get enough of it.
headed out last night to the only local venue with a halfway decent nightlife. i could barely breath for all the bogans. still, a good night was had by all. there is nothing better than dancing/staggering drunkly on a packed dance floor in platform heels whilst people 'accidently' brush your arse/boob.
today i must confess i am wearing jeans but to compensate for my laziness i have overloaded on the accessories and may break out the heels again.
many thanks if you have gotten this far through my ramblings, my internet should be recharged soon.
wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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