Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year

It's really goes without saying, but Happy New Year all the same.


I don't want to go into the whole 'the year that was' shmaltz, since I covered it in my birthday post. Not in any great detail, but you shouldn't dwell to much on the past and all that hey?

I've been pondering the year that's coming, far more than the year that's been lately. It's a big year for me, but in a way it's more of a bridging year. A bridge to my career, to proper adulthood, the end of my university days. It's exciting and terrifying. 

I don't know how this blog's going to fit into this year. I've been feeling less and less the urge to write, to document, to upload. Maybe because I don't have study to procrastinate from? I'm not a major blogger. I don't earn money or even the occasional freebie. It's just a little patch of the internet for me to call my own. It would be no great shame if it petered out, like many better blogs before it. But it would make me sad, so I dearly hope it doesn't.

So how will the year play out? I don't know. It's a little exciting isn't it?

Alice xx

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