Friday, January 4, 2013

New Resolve

Resolutions. Show me a person who sticks to their resolutions the whole year through and I'll eat my hat. One of the smaller ones. Or a fascinator.

Maybe it's just me. And the fact that I never fail to make grand sweeping resolutions that are ridiculously hard to stick to. Or that they usually aren't really resolutions, more vague hopes or aspirations. Nevertheless, I am a (part time) optimist and here are my hopefully-attainable resolutions for the year to come. 2013, let's dance.

I will survive my last year of uni and get a grad year.
This is the biggy. If I can survive this year of university with passable marks I will be a registered nurse and well on my way to paving out my career path. If I can score a (highly competitive) grad year at the end of it I will be over the moon. It's basically a year of full time work, but with the support and education to bridge you into working independently as a nurse. In theory this is up there in terms of achievable resolutions. Just study, throw yourself into placement and sell yourself in grad year interviews. I've had great feedback from my clinical facilitators and I know nursing is the jobs for me so I am remaining as optimistic as my slightly-anxious personality will allow me to be.

I will be more sociable.
Not that I'm Nancy-no-frineds or anything. I am however a notoriously lazy friend, getting caught up in other aspects of life. This year I intend to make the time to catch up. And to be open to any new friend that comes that way. I suppose this is about partaking in life a bit more as well. Getting out and about over a friday night on the couch. Though the couch and I will still have our time together.

I will take more photos.
I had hopes to translate this into a 356 project but I'm 4 days late and counting. I've been taking less and less outfit photos lately. And I don't feel I take nearly enough candid photos. Wether I get on board with a day to day project or simply pick up my camera more often, I hope to be snapping more this year.

I will be tidier.
Mess drives me crazy, but I can never seem to stay on top of it for very long. Part of this is finding better storage solutions, part of it is getting off my butt and tidying as I go. And keeping Reece in check. He dumps things in his 'shit corner', small cities have been lost there.

I will write more.
This wordy wordy post is probably a good start. I also hope to share more of my pure thoughts on this blog. My musings, quotes I come across, thoughts on shows, movies. I used to adore writing and I'm definitely keen to revisit it.

I will stay sane.
This basically means a lot of tea, bubble baths, candles and time spent with myself. I also need to work on facing my demons and branching out from my favourite stress management approach - the head in the sand method.

So let's see how this goes.

Alice xx

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