Monday, February 15, 2010

the other day i bought a framed photo from one the local op shops for the bargain price of $10. it is wider than a poster but not as long, is black and white and features an embracing couple on an old bridge surrounded by doves. would take a photo but am writing this at my boyfriends whilst he attends to the other love of his life, his car.
the photo will look perfect amongst my audrey hepburn cards, just need to enlist the help of my dad to erect it.
i am now in savings overdrive after i booked my holiday to europe and realised how much money i really need. i have pledged to buy only op shop clothes (excluding underwear of course) and no more impulse buys (ie: massive black and white photos). this shouldn't be too hard given how excited i am about my trip!!
also very excited about soundwave and hopefully seeing isis aswell, depending on my work roster for next week. i have my outfit planned and am v. psyched.
the sound of the hose has faded so i assume the boy has finished feeding his obsession. must go distract him while i can.

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  1. Good luck with your trip to Europe. Take heaps of photo's- would love to see them. I paint from photos sent to my facebook page- you can see my link on my blog. Hopefully in a few years i will be able to travel a bit myself.
    Do it while your young and not tied down!!!
    Cheers from Caroline


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