Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The fallen holiday

i hate to admit it, but i love valentines day.
this is a statement that i am almost ashamed to announce after several discussions over the past few day. it seems the appeal of the global day of romance is now largely regarded as commercial and silly.
the main statement i come up against is "it doesn't have to be valentines day for me to tell them i love them". granted, fair point. but in a world of global terror and hatred, is it so wrong to have a day that centres around love and harmony?
"it's so commercial" is another commonly heard statement. this i understand, but the sad fact is we live in a commercial world where everything from religous holidays to the souls of young children are exploited to make the rich richer. the best way to fight it is to celebrate a day for it's true meaning.
so forgive me if i fall victim to the desire for a simple bunch of flowers i wouldn't see any other day and an extra big hug from my boy. i've been a hopeless romantic since i was five and i don't thing that's going to change any time soon

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