Sunday, February 7, 2010

Delighted, I'm sure

i am newly 18 and on the brink of life. i live in what is probably the bogan capital of victoria, a haven for the kieths and shazzas of melbourne. as i currently work full time at a depressingly popular fast food out i interact with these charming examples of the human race nearly every day. i thouroughly believe that i was born in the wrong era, alas i will have to make do with today.
my list of things i adore includes: fashion, op shops, audrey hepburn, sailing, antiques, sunny days, stormy afternoons, good books, bad television, great movies, dancing, laughing, singing, eating, cooking, kissing, embracing, sneezing, trains, old cars, chai tea, fetta cheese, big dogs, fluffy cats, soft beds, beaches(the movie and the real thing), photos, sisters, friends, strangers, conversations, opportunity, old bicycles, old buildings, the city, the country, travel, learning, growing, living
my list of things I loathe includes: politicians, spiders, hot nights, litter, bad grammer, tortologies, rude customers, overly polite customers, racism, sexism, poverty, fakeness, small mindedness, pain, globalisation, new cars, waste, war, fighting, staying still, conformity, wannabes, small mindedness
well, so far it's been fun


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