Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm Melting!

This is the only photo I half way liked of an outfit I wore over a week ago.

dress: luvalot, vest: savers, shoes: savers

Shortly after it was declared Melbourne would be entering a heatwave of 10 straight days above 30 degrees. I nearly cried. 

I do not cope well with hot weather. And style wise I loath it. Since I don't live right alongside the beach I can't get away with swanning around in my bathers. And I struggle to find a compromise between something that doesn't weigh me down in the heat and something that looks okay that I haven't already worn three times. Added to that, any make up just melts off your face - even BB cream - and my brain just up and stops functioning after it hits 27.

Basically hot weather = hot and cranky Alice.

All I can do is gulp down iced tea and mineral water and reassure my self winter is coming whilst stalking knits on etsy and asos.

Alice xx

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