Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Summers End

This whole thing looked a lot better in real life. Not that it's a great fashion statement any way. But now looking at them again I don't mind them so much. Most of the outtakes featured slumped shoulders and gomless faces which couldn' have helped. And it does show my excitement that it's the last day of Summer. I've had quite enough o this heat business thank you, give me knits, tights and layers please.

jumper: op shop, dress modcloth, shoes: payless


I've also started back at uni, which is terribly exciting because it's the final year of my degree. I'm sort of in the hopeful mindset that I'll start working full time and fun things like new cars and houses and independence will shower down upon me. It could happen.

Alice xx

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  1. Those shoes look so cute! I am a huge payless fan, they always have such great flats.


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