Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mid year resolutions

i personally believe that resolutions should not be reserved for the new year, hence i have resolved to create mid year resolutions. these are essentially my new years resolutions but slightly revised and more realistic.
1. i will blog more frequently and thouroughly, including pictures where i can
2. i will be more daring with my wardrobe and only wear jeans twice a week or less
3. i will scrimp and save so i have plenty of dosh for my trip to europe in september
4. i will eat better and run more often(which shouldnt be hard seeing as i never run)

so to kick things off here is what i purchased down the street this morning: a miniscule-hounds tooth print blouse with a white peter pan collar($4) and a silver backed brush, comb and mirror set in beautiful condition(only $10!) - they are really heavy which leads me to believe they are genuine
i also broke out my biker/cow girl boots today. i got from an op shop for around $15 last year but dont seem to wear them that often

i also recieved my passport today! much relieved as i hate official stuff and the whole thing was making me antsy. now that i have it in my hot little hand i can relax
so feel free to scold me if i drop off on my resolutions
wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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