Thursday, June 24, 2010

happy we have a female prime minister day

oh what a world we are living in, though i do wish some t.v. stations would recognise there is other news than someone starting a new job.

in other news my mid-year resolutions are coming along quite likely, except the whole running gag though i should have known that was a disaster before it began. on the positive side i have spent no money today, played around with my wardrobe and this is the second time i've blogged in as many days. i think a pat on the back is in order


these pants were bought for an old dance costume but i kept them because they look cool

the vest i snatched from my dads wardrobe

the top i stole from my sister

the gold chain was my mums

wow, i only just realised this is a completely stolen outfit


wishiwereaudrey xoxo

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