Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Zealand Adventures

In September last year my sister and I spent just under two weeks driving around the North Island of New Zealand. While Napier - the Art Deco Capital - was gorgeous, Hobbiton was the definite high light. No small amount of fan-girling happened there.


 photo 3215feed-2dc6-43dc-8394-cdac85f8ab9e.jpg

 photo 6b6aafc9-f25e-4d73-8164-dbb49ea7ed2b.jpg

 photo 91fb1792-1e62-400a-b8a4-c0fe267a0d48.jpg


 photo 4e5df03e-00d5-4091-b6b1-4fa724ec3cd7.jpg

 photo 58f27b18-9ee1-4b85-a8be-96acf0dbefb8.jpg

 photo fcdb51e8-ffbc-4435-ba1f-275b16d7e873.jpg

As usual, the changing light drove me mad. I'll save the Hobbiton for a separate post.

Alice xx

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