Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It seems dull to harp on about the weather, but in terms of style it has a huge impact. Despite summer being weeks away in Melbourne it has been miserable and rainy. Tights and scarves are an essential. 



top and skirt: Savers, cardigan: Target, 
scarf: Friends of Couture, shoes: asos 

Something about the fit of this skirt and a simple pony tail (I never wear my hair this way) makes me feel slightly cheer-leader-esque. I always wanted to be a cheer-leader - Bring It On was an all time favourite - but it's never been a big thing in Australia. I'll have to settle for jumping around ungracefully.


Alice xx

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  1. I love your hair longer! And it really suits your face up in a ponytail :)


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