Sunday, July 7, 2013

Port Arthur

 I'm incredibly glad I made the time for my short break in Hobart. I spent an amazing few days with my best friend Alix exploring the city and surrounding areas and have managed to come home feeling refreshed despite the epic amount of walking we did.


 On the Friday we mad the trip down to Port Arthur, one of Australia's most historic sites where convicts who committed further crimes were sent. While many buildings were damaged by bushfires, some remain remarkably well preserved. I can't recommend it enough if you are in the area. 


 My amateur photographer skills were really put to the test the entire weekend. The weather and light were constantly changing and I was heard moaning quite a few times as I fiddled with settings. Alix was obliging in taking a few photos of me here and there, though the weather was so cold I was rarely out of my coat and scarf.

I did shed my coat once for the sake of content


Alix doesn't believe in keep out signs.




Alice xx

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